Acoustic Insulation

A good acoustic environment will optimise the efficiency and functionality of any work or living space. In schools, children need to be able to hear and understand teachers; healthcare environments need privacy and peace; offices need quiet zones; and factories often need to minimise noise. For this reason, acoustic solutions are now widely factored into new builds and refurbishments, resulting in dramatically improved outcomes for all.

Acoustic products are specially designed to deflect, reduce and absorb sound. They range from cavity insulation and suspended ceiling panels to specialized plasterboards used in wall partitions. Acoustic insulation products are widely used in many sectors including industry, commerce and healthcare.

Thermal Insulation

Using the correct insulation materials in any build will dramatically improve the energy efficiency and comfort for the occupier. Dry lining provides greater flexibility in the choice of insulations materials that can be used. An insulated or thermal liner is the most cost effective method and may be fixed in several ways, including mechanical and adhesive systems.  These systems involve mechanically fixing to the metal frame or adhesively fixing directly to the wall using traditional dot and dab bonding. Perimeter gaps are sealed using specialist materials helping to achieve the desired U value as well as acoustic and fire ratings.

Fire Insulation

Building requirements demand that cavities and concealed spaces, in the structure or fabric of a building, are sub-divided or sealed by means of cavity barriers or fire-stopping to restrict the hidden spread of smoke and flames. This is of prime importance since many buildings are honeycombed with concealed cavities and voids within the roofs, floors, and walls. McLaughlin Taylor can supply and install all types of fire protection from beam and column encasements to firefly fire barrier. We also supply & install all your structural fire protection and fire stopping product requirements for all types of constructions.

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