There are two main types of ceilings, Metal Framed (MF) Ceilings and Suspended Grid Ceilings.

Metal Framed (MF) Ceilings

An MF ceiling is where plasterboard is fixed to a concealed metal grid which is in turn then fixed to a structural concrete soffit above. This creates a void above the ceiling which can be used to conceal services such as pipes, cables, ducts, and light fittings. MF ceilings can also be used to create various styles of bulkheads which can be constructed in any shape or size. The plasterboard can then be plastered or finished using a paper tape and joint filling process. The type of specialised plasterboard used will determine what fire, acoustic and thermal rating can be achieved.

Suspended Grid Ceilings

Grid Ceilings consist of tiles hung within a metal grid system with the main advantage been the ease of access for services. There are many options regarding the types and styles of tiles and we can offer advice to suit each project. Suspended grid ceiling systems can be installed to suit any design feature as well as fire safety and acoustical needs. Grid ceilings can also can also be used in cinemas for acoustics, in hospitals for hygiene, in clean rooms for minimal dust.

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